Travel Arrangements Thanks for helping me. Alex is a good guy, good english and reliable person. This is not normal in the Ukraine. I will use him again no problem. A good help. 5.0 star review Mark H. on
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Is this your first time traveling to Ukraine and you know very little about the country? Do you want your trip to be trouble-free and pleasant? Would you like an arranged itinerary before you board your plane to know what will happen on your travels and when? Would it not make you feel more comfortable knowing that a local Russian speaker is on call if a moment of crisis should occur? All of this and much more is available through Poltava Travel - a team of knowledgeable people with a passion for the best travelling experiences.

Poltava Travel is your tailor-made travel consultant for Ukraine. Although we might not be the oldest of Ukraine's travel consultants, Poltava Travel has been a Ukraine tour coordinator since 2005, with more than 7 years of experience in providing travel services to individuals and families. We are your one-stop-shop for organized tours to and within Ukraine.

In today's Internet age, the professional advice of a Ukrainian travel consultant may seem no longer in demand. However, while it is true that there is little difficulty in booking a hotel room via an online reservation form, there are still a number of distinct benefits to hiring a travel consultant. As your Ukraine tour coordinator, Poltava Travel will provide you with the following advantages:

  • The prices we offer are often lower than you will encounter on your own.
  • The personalized recommendations we make are based on our own seasoned travel experiences within Ukraine.
  • We give ideas and suggestions on the best times to visit, places to check out, and things to do in any major city of Ukraine.
  • We make sure that all aspects of your visit are seamlessly arranged by creating a thoroughly planned itinerary.
  • We start sending you practical tips for traveling in Ukraine from the moment you sign up for our travel consultant service.
  • You will be able to contact us any time you have an inquiry or need further travel arrangements made.

The following is an outline of things we will help you with once you have signed up for our consulting service:

  • Creating a tailor made itinerary prior to your visit, as well as reserving your flight to Ukraine.
  • Making travel (plane, train, bus, car) and accommodation (hotels, hostels, apartments) arrangements within Ukraine.
  • Rescheduling a missed flight
  • Sorting out any unplanned difficulties during your visit.
  • An emergency telephone number that you can call should you need prompt assistance.

Do you have any questions about Ukraine travel consultant service? Please email us!