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William R from United States

If you go to Ukraine I recommend Poltava. It is a beautiful city full of friendly people, fun things to do and the most beautiful women in the world. And if you go to Poltava I recommend Poltava Travel. In preparation for my August 2013 visit I did an internet search for apartments and transportation from Kiev to Poltava; Poltava Travel came out on top of that search and for a very good reason. Aleks Kravchenko, the owner of Poltava Travel, responded to my emails, answered all of my questions and gave me confidence that with his assistance my visit would be smooth and pleasant. And experience proved my judgment about Aleks and Poltava Travel correct. First, his fees for driving you from and back to Kiev are very competitive---comparison shop for this service and you will see what I mean. And more important, you get a comfortable car and a safe driver (Aleks) who is fluent in English, can carry on an interesting conversation and is willingly offers good information about Ukraine and good advice about the women of Poltava. Second, through Poltava Travel I booked an apartment that proved to be the best bargain of my trip. The apartment recommended by Aleks was modern, clean, and quiet, had a great 9th floor view of the city, had all the conveniences (AC, washing machine, etc.), was near a shopping center and was located in a safe neighborhood within easy walking distance of the city center. The bottom line is this: my friend Julia was impressed with the apartment and was comfortable being there with me---what more could you ask for? And did I mention you got all of that for only $32 per night? So if you are planning a trip to Poltava do yourself a favor and contact Aleks at Poltava Travel---you will not regret it.

Ivan I from Bulgaria

I visited Ukraine this summer and decided to use Poltava Travel for my trip Poltava.I am very pleased with their service.Aleks did very professional his job.If i go again to Poltava i would use only his service. thank you Aleks Ivan Iliev Bulgaria

Graham H from United Kingdom

Hi Alex, Thank you for the excellent service your company provided on my recent trip to Poltava. Your friendly and efficient service was First class and I would be happy for you to use this testimony for reference. I look forward to meeting you again Alex. Regards, Graham.

Ben S from United States

As a first time visitor to the beautiful city of Poltava in Ukraine, I have to find a way to get there from my entry point at Kiev (Borispol) International airport. I checked several online agencies that offer a car/driver service and finally decided to use the services of Aleks Kravchenko of Aleks not only gave me the most reasonable service fee but also gave me a lot of valuable information regarding the trip and the city of Poltava. The distance between Borispol Airport and Poltava is approximately 330 kilometers or about four and a half hours by car but the trip itself seems much shorter and enjoyable because Aleks was so engaging and helpful during the entire trip. He provided me with so many valuable and practical information not only about the city itself but also about the local custom and culture. His command of the english language is very impressive. I will not hesitate to call on Aleks again on my return trip. I give Aleks and my highest recommendation to anyone traveling to Poltava or sorrounding area. Ben USA

Reuben V from Malta

I would like to say a big thanks to Alex. A very efficient service really impressed and perfect timings and help throughout my stay in Ukraine. I look forward to do buisness with you again. Keep up the good work Alex. Thankyou

Michael M from United States

Hello Aleks, I want very much to thank you for your great service in the delivery of my flowers Ordered and Delivered through you !!! The flowers were just beautiful and Sveta was so surprised !! The price you charged was very fair and you did a superb job and will be hearing from me again !!!! Again thanks so much !!! Michael Murray Kansas, USA

Etsuo U from Australia

Thank you for good service Poltava travel, I used transfer service from Kiev, the driver was very good and safety , I enjoyed trip from Kiev to Poltava, I will use Poltava travel again, thank you very much Alex!

Sigbjorn L from Norway

I was in Ukraine and Poltava in the end of August 2012 and as i don't speak a word Russian i decided to get picked up at the airport. Found Alex site and booked through him. He answered all my question I had in advance on E-mail and he was there picking me up at the airport and drove me safely to Poltava. Interesting and fun ride as he speak excellent English and was able to answer everything i was wondering about Ukraine and Poltava. Changed my plans when i got to Poltava and he was able to find me a translator to accompany me to Kharkov for a weekend. I arrived at a Thursday and Friday morning the translator was at my hotel. Going back to Poltava in October and will definetly use Alex to pick me up at the airport again and this time i will rent an apartment through him.

Tatyana H from United Arab Emirates

Alex's services were great during my visit to Poltava. I would highly recommend his agency for your travel needs. His associate Maxim, not was only prompt, punctual and accomodating, but also was a huge help with the personal issue we happened to run in Ukraine. Great job, Alex! Tatyana

Andrei L from United Kingdom

Very pleased with Alex’s service. I booked a flat through him and I was a bit worried about coming to Poltava at 2 am. I should not worry at all. They met and accommodated me. I am also pleased with the flat itself. Andrei

Bruce S from United States

My name is Bruce Shipley and I am from the USA. I visited Poltava from 5 July to 10 July 2012. I don’t speak a word of Russian so I decided to contact Alex at Poltava Travel to arrange car service from Boryspil to Poltava. The driver’s name was Maxim and I found him extremely friendly and jovial. I experienced no problems getting to Poltava. Upon arriving at Poltava I decided I needed a translator from 7 July to 10 July. So, on short notice, Alex was able to provide a translator. The translator’s name was Karina and she did an excellent job providing translation services for the four days I was in Poltava. On 11 July Maxim drove me back to Boryspil. Again, there were no problems. My stay in Poltava was very enjoyable thanks to Alex and Poltava Travel. I will gladly use their services again next time I travel to Poltava

Stefan C from Switzerland

Everythink worked very well and I was very happy with the service. Alex the driver was very friendly and told me a lot about the country. It was a good drive and I would recomend it to another visitor.

Jim S from United States

I visited Ukraine for the Euro Cup in June 2012 , it was my first visit to Poltava, and I called Alex since I had read other very favorable reviews regarding his services. I can truly say that Alex runs a First Class Business. He is very helpful in every way, prompt, and reasonably priced. Highly reccommended! Jim from Pennsylvania.

Gert D from Netherlands

Alex has been a joy to work with, fluent communications, very punctual service, new & comfortable car (Fabia), save driving style, competitive pricing compared to other available taxi services. In all fairness, I can't say anything negative! I would definitely use Alex's services again upon my next trip to Poltava. I can recommend him to anybody looking for assistance visiting Ukraine. Thanks a lot Alex!!

Nicholas B from United Kingdom

This was my second visit to poltava and the first time I have used poltava travel.It was a very long journey from Kiev to poltava because of how bad the roads are.I was met by one of Alex's relatives at Kiev airport.I found him to be really helpful and very friendly.Because I am coming from London-Gatwick I find that I can only arrive at Kiev airport at 19.15 PM in the evening because I like to take a direct route.Alex and I spoke on the phone as I was travelling to poltava to make sure that I was ok.This is something you do not get in the UK and I thought this to be very professional.The hotel I stayed at in poltava was wonderful and most people spoke English so this was very helpful.I had arranged all this through poltava travel.On leaving poltava Alex met me at the hotel on time.He is very friendly and we talked alot about different things.Poltava travel is very professional.I will be returning to poltava sometime in May and I will use poltava travel again.Thank you Alex for all your help and I will look forward to seeing you again soon.

Stefen B from United Kingdom

thank you alex. i can only tell you about my expereance with alex he is a very helpful man, i was going to see a lady in ukrain and so done my home work with a great help from alex it turned out that it was a scam and she was asking for money to but so called new boots as the winter was very hard, so asked alex if he could do some back ground cheaks for me and told me that it hadent been as cold and snow as she lead me to believe and that also as there women are quite reserved she was telling me that she had feelings ect and this was rearly out of fashion ,so i took his advice and ended the corespondance with here and saved myself a lot of hassle and money as well ,there are good ladys on the site i was looking at (elanas models) as a friend of mine met and married a lady from there so lads dont be put off but do your home work .s bayston uk.

Kemp R from Netherlands

to everyone. who wants to travel safely and comfortably from the airport Borispol, to Poltava, I myself have made ​​use of Poltava Trafel because I do not ukraine or russian talk. Mr. aleks.kravchenko speak good English what a confident feeling gave to me. he hold himself perfectly to his appointments, was waiting for me at Borispol Airport. So for anyone who wants to travel back and forth to Poltava on a comfortable and safe way I can recommend Mr. aleks.kravchenko greetings Kemp

Joe M from United States

I can say that I have traveled to a lot of countries in my time and Alex if a first rate act, so I highly recommend him and his services, and if I had a legitimate complaint it would have to be that he drives way to careful around this city, I love to get in those crazy cabs that just weave in and out of traffic causing a scene and just slinging you all around the cab, a good example is, next time you are in Amsterdam, drink a few beers in one of those famous coffee shops and find a Jamaican Cab Driver and say to him real frantic like, "Hey Bro, I need to get here super fast and I'll pay you extra!" and wwwhhhhhheeeeee, it is just like a thrill ride in an amazing amusement park, just flying around barely missing bicycles, other cars, trams and any other thing that happens to be in the way, so if you want a safe calm ride, Alex is your man, as he really respects his car and even opens the door for you for to be extra gentle to his car. But seriously he is a great guy, I got to meet part of his family and even date his cousin, now how many travel agents acts as a dating agent and even sets you up with his relatives, that is first rate service, and no matter what is said about this Alex, he is no pimp, I know as I asked him where the working ladies were having heard about an Alex here in Poltava that acts as a pimp to foreign clients, but we had a good laugh once we found out it was another Alex, it seems that Alex is the Joe of American Names here. So if you don't need a pimp, and you like safe easy rides, then Alex with Poltava Travel is for you, I am glad to have met him and consider him a good friend, and will keep in touch from time to time with updates on my crazy American life, I am wanting him to come to America, a man with his skills and work ethic can go far there, as American is truly the land of opportunity, and meant for hard workers like Alex. I would not like to warn some peeps out there about some things based on my travels, never ever use a site called Dream-Marriage, I came over here to meet with 7 women, 2 in Odessa, 2 in Poltava, 2 in Kharkov, and one in Sumy, and just as soon as I got here nearly all the women told me, sorry but I will be out of town when you are in my city, an they knew I was going to be in there city for a month prior to me arriving here, only one woman agreed to meet me and she was not the women that wrote the sweet letters I had been getting for months, on the Dream-Marriage site, she was cold, could not look me in the eye and had too much baggage from bad relationships, and not any kind of women a man would want for a wife, but I did get to meet some great friends, take some beautiful women out and have tons of fun, but only on my own, I am a very open person that can meet women easily and charm them with my skills, now, will I end up with one, probably not, they are just not as open, liberal and crazy like I like my girls, I am a wild and crazy American Left Wing Liberal for goodness sake so I prefer a funny whacked out bohemian type woman, but if you prefer a mellow, nice, old fashioned good, kind woman, Ukrainian Women are for you. Just watch out which site you use as most are scams, Alex needs to start an honest site with real women and good honest clients, as most of the sites I have seen and heard of are all full of scammers, so watch out for these dating sites, I had to learn the hard way as many other Americans have in the past and Alex knows of many of them, and has blogs on his blog page warning us men of this same problem.... To conclude I had a very good time traveling with Poltava Travel and using their services and staying in their great flats, and all during Eastern Europe's coldest winter in decades, so don't fear using Alex and Poltava Travel, and tell them Crazy Joe sent you as I get a huge kickback for sending anyone to Poltava Travel, (just kidding Alex) (some more of that American Humor for ya)..... and facebook under Joe Byron

Ryen P from United States

My name is Ryen and I come from Sothern California in the United States. I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Alexander Kravchenko and benefiting from his excellent and professional service while I was in Poltava. I must say that there is a dying breed of honesty and integrity in the world, but those rare attributes are alive and well in Alex. He is an honest, hard-working family man who takes pride in his work, and is professional and tactful in his translation service. Thank you Alex for your advice, your service, and your friendship. I will be back soon, and will call on you again. Your Friend, Ryen

Sigmund D from Norway

Poltava Travel delivered good service for me. Thank you. Sigmund

Mark H from United Kingdom

Thanks for helping me. Alex is a good guy, good english and reliable person. This is not normal in the ukraine. I will use him again no problem. A good help. I know I live here. Mark (UK)

David H from United States

Alex provides reliable car service in a country that is difficult to get around in.

Brandon L from United States

Let me start by saying that you are very fortunate to have come to this website because you will find that Alex and Poltava Travel are an invaluable local resource in Ukraine. My experience with Poltava Travel has been more comfortable and secure than any other service I have ever done business with. As a business owner in Houston, Texas, I appreciate and respect their level of dedication to customer satisfaction. I found Poltava Travel as I was searching for the best way to secure transportation from Borispol Airport, and I felt very at ease with all of the helpful information provided on the site. Before I had even ordered the transport service though, I had an urgent need to send flowers to someone in Poltava. I greatly underestimated the difficulty in sending flowers there as this is a very easy thing to do in the United States. I nearly gave up and then decided to contact Poltava Travel to see if they could help me, even though such a service was not advertised. Alex responded to my inquiry promptly, and not only was willing to help, but he actually helped with the local traditions for flowers such as type, quantity, etc… He even personally delivered the flowers to her place of business even though I had very little contact information for her. When it was complete, I received a very nice email from Alex where he described everything in detail. Needless to say, I was able to give a young woman one of the best surprises she ever received, while saving a substantial amount of money that other sites wanted to charge. I can’t thank Alex and Poltava Travel enough for going the extra mile, and exceeding their customer’s expectations. Brandon L Houston, Texas, USA

Trevor D from Canada

Hi, I was in Poltava and found Alex online. I called and left message. He returned my call quickly and arranged for me to go to Kiev the following morning. His prices were good, his service was great. He speaks very good English, which made the drive that much better. He taught me a bit more about Ukraine on the trip. I also found out he has nice apartments for rent as very good prices. I would use his services again in the future. thanks Alex, was a pleasure to meet you! Trevor Nova Scotia Canada

Dione W from United States

Alex and the driver were there with a sign as doon as I walked out of the customs and luggage area. The gentlemn stopped for fuels and water before our journey to Poltava. Once I got in Poltava, my plans were changed and they accompanied me to the actual hotel that I was staying at. I would defintiley use Poltava travel again!! Thanks for helping to make my trip pleasant!!!!!!!!

Charles G from South Africa

My experience of Poltava travel was a very good one, although to start with I felt a little uncomfortable sending money to the Ukraine for my pick up from the airport having barley spoken to anyone from the company. Still as one has to on occasion I took the leap of faith paid my money and off I went. I am very pleased to report that all promises were delivered by Poltava travel. Pick up and drop off were very timely and all other services were delivered as promised. Consistently from translation services to cost of apartments were delivered at market rates not the absurdly inflated once which are generally designed for foreigners. Alex from Poltava Travel was a wealth of knowledge and his communication skills were first rate. I highly recommend Poltava Travel to any one. All the best Charles Garrett.

Brian D from Canada

My visit to Poltava was made much more pleasant by Poltava Travel. Alex went out of his way to show me it's many interesting and beautiful attractions. He also was of immense help in arranging transportation. I highly recommed Poltava Travel to anyone who wishes to visit Poltava. Brian from Canada

Brett N from United States

Thank you Alex for your driving services last week. You were very professional in your services and overall a nice guy making the 5 hour trip a pleasant experience to Poltava. The car was comfortable and most importantly, I felt safe and secure from point A to point B. I will certainly use your services again when I come back to Ukraine and would recommend you to any others needing your services. Sincerely, Brett N.

Jeremy S from United States

I highly recommend using Poltava travel!!!!! Alex, made my trip great! It was so nice to get off the plane, and have everything taken care of in Ukraine. To be in a foreign country, and have a connection. He handled everything for me, Airport pick up, the drive, getting a phone, replacement cards, money exchange, ATM's, and a great place to stay! And he will also to teach you of the customs and mind set of locals in his city, during the drive out. When I return, I will contact him first! Poltava Travel is truly a customer service!!!!!!!

Poltava photo by Jeremy Poltava photo by Jeremy Poltava photo by Jeremy

Sonny T from United States

Hello Alex, Thank-you for all your help in Poltava. Having a local trustworthy person like you to help with my businesses in Poltava was invaluable. I will certainly contact you again for my future travel needs. Sonny T. Chang AII Global Services

George S from Canada

Alex was extremely helpful for me in getting me to Poltava and then later back to Kiev afterward. While I'm sure I could have made it there on my own, it would have been a lot more difficult and taken longer. It was definitely worth the money to have Alex pick me up. After a long tiring flight the last thing you want to be doing is arrange transportation on your own, especially if your russian is not good. Plus, he was very helpful in other areas and gave me a lot of useful information that came in handy. I would definitely recommend using Poltava Travel for anyone traveling there.

Erik A from Norway

I would like to say thank you to Alex in Poltava Travel for very helpful information about travelling by car in Ukraine. And for very fast and god answering. Thank you ! ! Erik.

Gert M from Denmark

I have used the car pick service 2 times and i have only the best to say. there was no waiting at the airport at my arrivel and was back at the airport again in godt time for my departure. I will use them again next time i come to ukraine.

Poltava photo by Gert

Massimo S from Germany

I have been positively surprised by Alex warm and polite welcome and assistance during my trip. Everything went smoothly and I do recommend his services to whomever wish to visit Poltava and his attractions.

Rene B from Mexico

For those looking for a reliable and professional service, Poltava Travel offers a world class service attitude. I was in Ukraine last April moving from Kiev to Poltava and found in their staff the safety feeling I needed to enjoy my staying there. I strongly recommend their service so you can rely on them and enjoy the beautiful country Ukraine is. Rene (from Mexico City). by the way Spanish spoken as well... :)

Poltava photo by Rene

Andy B from United Kingdom

Poltava Travel really care about you the visitor to the Ukraine. I have now been there around 3 or 4 times and each time it's like visiting friends when I meet Alex. He is a very unique, talented and caring when it comes to looking after visitors to Poltava. I find that half the fun of getting to Poltava is the getting there and I find that the service I use most is the pick up and return to Kiev Airport. I always find Aleks there on time and ready to transport us away to Poltava. We catch up on the current events and his life now that he is married and the places he has been and I have been. I cant recommend the services or dedication to their customers enough. I thank him for a number of good times and smooth transitions to and from the airport and hope to see him and Poltava soon by the end of the month. See you soon Aleks and all at Poltava Travel Thanks for Everything.

Glenn C from United States

I had the wonderful opportunity to travel from Arizona, to Ukraine. I spent a month in that wonderful country. Before I made the trip I reviewed the web site that Alex has. Just reading the information on the site saved me a tremendous amount of time and money. I also utilized Alex services during my travels. I met Alex in Poltava, Ukraine and I was very happy that I had we were able to meet and have lunch. Alex has tremendous knowledge and insight to the Ukrainian way of life. He is also very knowledgeable about the area. I am pleased that I had the foresight to use Alex services. His English is perfect and I was always comfortable when he was with me. I am glad to share my experience in using Alex as a translator and transportation. Alex is a fantastic resource if you plan on traveling to Ukraine. Even if you have your trip planed I urge you to take the time to read Alex's web site ( This site will provide you with some outstanding knowledge. If you are still not sure that Alex is the best resource for your travel needs, I will ask you to send me a e-mail (, or call me my name is Glenn. I am a firefighter in Arizona and would be happy to provide you with the comfort you want as you travel. I do understand how important security is during travel.

Phillip S from United Kingdom

If you are reading this it means you are thinking about or interested in travelling to Ukraine. Don't let negative, beliefs, opinions, thoughts or doubts stop you from traveling to Poltava, just go for it and enjoy yourself when you get there and I have no doubt that you will enjoy yourself in Poltava. I have been to Poltava twice using Poltava Travel and I have booked up to visit Poltava again later this year using Poltava Travel. I was nervous and had negative opinions, thoughts and doubts before I travelled to Poltava for the first time because I did not know what to expect. I had an amazing time in Poltava and did not have to worry about anything because I was very well looked after by Alex and everyone at Poltava Travel. There's no need to worry because everyone at Poltava Travel speaks fluent English but your trip to Poltava will be much more enjoyable if you learn a little Russian before you go. Just put essential Russian phrases into google and you will be spoilt for choice, Hope you enjoy your trip to Poltava as much as I did and hope to read your wonderful testimonial someday soon. I must give a massive Thank You to Alex and everyone at Poltava Travel for making my trip such a pleasure!

Poltava photo by Phillip Poltava photo by Phillip Poltava photo by Phillip

Antonio P from Mexico

I had travelled to Poltava in several times on the last years, and I found the service provided by Aleks Kravchenko to be the best I had found in Ukraine. He speaks fluent english, so the translations are great, and all services provided were always on time, at a very reasonable cost. If you are travellin here, I really recommned using his services. I'm sure you would make a friendship with Aleks, as he is very friendly! see you soon Aleks! Antonio del Paso - Mexico

Chuck M from Japan

I had a great time traveling from Kiev Borispyl airport to Poltava transfer. Alex is not just a good tour guide, but also a web engineer we had much in common. He knows a lot of stuff. Traveling a little over 4 hours went like just a few moment. Our driver Vrad also speaks a good English and we were a happy camper! - a Highly Recommended service. Arigato! :D

Poltava photo by Chuck Poltava photo by Chuck Poltava photo by Chuck

Michael H from Canada

I travelled to Poltava the summer of 2009. My travel agent had given me the website for Poltava Travel, so I contacted them and made arrangements for them to pick me up at the airport and take me back to Poltava. They arranged a very nice apartment for my stay, and the rates were very good. During my stay, I made full use of Alex's service and was very happy with his service. Last summer, I visited Odessa and Kharkov, using services from those cities, and they weren't even close to the service I got from Poltava Travel. If you plan on going to Poltava, definitely use Poltava Travel. You will find Alex to be a very honest and reliable man. Mike Hutchinson Alberta, Canada

Poltava photo by Michael

Ron J from Canada

I am happy to say that I used Poltava Travel on a recent trip in February. Of all the people I met and all the other services I used while visiting this country, Poltava Travel (Aleks) was by far the most trusted resource I had. He was 100% reliable, honest, and reasonably priced. I would highly recommend Aleks and Poltava Travel to any person travelling to this area. They are the BEST!!!

Paul D from United States

Poltava Travel and Mr. Alex Kravchenko know how to make someone feel welcomed and as if they were at home while being so far from home. Mr. Kravchenko delivered everything as promised and his rates by western standards are exceptionally reasonable, and when you combine his mastery of the English language, you feel like your talking with someone who you have known for quite some time; he is very personable and if you're considering visiting the Ukraine and Poltava, specifically, I highly recommend Poltava Travel. Thank you for all that you did Alex. Paul D - Texas