Dear Client:

If you have made a payment for one or more of our services, but your plans have changed and you will not be traveling to Poltava, we will gladly refund you the money you paid.

Here is some information that we believe you should know.

Each time you pay with an online credit card payment, our credit card processing company (PayPal) charges us 3% from total amount of money you pay, plus US $0.30 per each transaction.

All services are provided in Poltava. Each time you pay with a credit card payment, money goes to a PayPal account holder, whose name is Warren and who lives in the US. Afterwards Warren uses a MoneyGram service to send your money to Alex, who is to provide a travel service for you. Usually this costs additional US $10 - US $20, depending on the amount of money being sent.

Please do notify us in at least one week about your change of plans. If you reserve an apartment or a hotel room through us, we have to make a pre-pay just to keep it reserved for you. The same applies to transportation services. If we have arrived at an airport to meet you and you are not there for any reason, we will not be able to refund you any money for this service because we have used our time and efforts (and money) to provide you with a service.