Poltava map that you will find on this page was specifically created to meet needs of a person who is traveling to Poltava, Ukraine for the first time.

To get to know Poltava and its pace of life one needs to be able to navigate easily to whatever place they need to. Usually it takes at least a couple of days before you gain that sense of familiarity with a city to really start appreciating it. To facilitate this process we suggest that you download Poltava map and print it out to take it with you when you travel to Poltava.

The beauty of this map is that the street names are written in both, English and Ukrainian. So, even if you cannot read Cyrillic alphabet you can still get around Poltava at ease.

Are you looking for a place to stay and something to eat? Well, there are quite a few restaurants and hotels marked on our Poltava map, as well as things such as monuments, markets, cinemas etc.

The only pitfall of our map is that it only displays the central part of Poltava and does not show its outskirts. We could provide a map of the whole city, but then you would have hard time printing it out on A4 sheet of paper.

Also, consider hiring a Poltava city guide. This way you won't miss a thing while enjoying your stay in our wonderful city.