Personal Driver Service in Poltava I visited Ukraine for the Euro Cup in June 2012 , it was my first visit to Poltava, and I called Alex since I had read other very favorable reviews regarding his services. I can truly say that Alex runs a first class business. 5.0 star review Jim S. on
US $40

There are no taxi companies In Poltava whose dispatchers speak English, which presents a major issue if you are traveling long distances within the city and don't speak the local language (Russian or Ukrainian). Calling a taxi is not as easy as simply dialing a phone number (learn more about taxis in Ukraine).

Order our Personal Driver in Poltava service now, and have the same mobility you would have in your own city. All of our drivers speak fluent English, and can be called any time during the day.

You can order this service in advance, or pay in cash on the day that you use it.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about this service.

Is there a limit in the number of kilometers driven per day?
Yes. 100 kilometers of driving within Poltava per day, with every kilometer beyond this limit costing US $0.50.
How do I call my driver if I don't have a local phone number?
You will know your driver's cell phone number that you can call any time during the day. We also provide you with a cell phone that you can use to call your driver when you need them.