It all began back in 2005 when Alex was working for one company as a translator of the English language. One man, whose name was Rob, came to Poltava as a client of that company. Unfortunately, because he was not a premium client of that country, he was not provided travel services such as meeting at a train station. So Rob arrives to Poltava train station in the middle of the night, he does not speak the language and it is his first time outside of the United States. He has no hotel room reserved in Poltava, so basically he has no place to go in the middle of the night. Luckily, he meets one young fellow who barely speaks any English. That young fellow shows Rob off to one of Poltava's hotels. If not that young man, Rob would have no place to stay in Poltava.

The next day Rob comes over to an office of a company where Alex used to work as a translator. Rob and Alex eventually become friends and Rob suggests that Alex should start a company that would help foreigners traveling to Poltava with travel, accommodation and translation service. Shortly after Rob leaves back to the US, Alex decides that he has nothing to loose and starts creating Poltava Travel website. Alex contacts Warren to see if he is willing to embark on this small project with him and Warren gladly agrees. Two months later Poltava Travel website becomes accessible to tourists traveling to Ukraine for the first time.

Poltava Travel is the first company in Poltava that started providing travel services of such type. We have been operating since 2005. "Personalized services with integrity" is our motto.