Flowers Delivery I want very much to thank you for your great service in the delivery of my flowers ordered and Delivered through you. The flowers were just beautiful and Sveta was so surprised. 5.0 star review Michael M. on
US $25

If your friend lives in Poltava and you wish to give them a gift, Poltava Travel can purchase and deliver it to them in your name.

For us to be able to deliver your gift, we need to know your friend’s name and telephone number.

In addition to the above information, let us know the type of gift you want delivered so that we can tell you its cost. You may attach a personalized message (up to 200 words) to your gift that we will gladly translate into Russian at no extra cost.

Delivery of your gift will cost US $25.

We welcome your feedback or questions, so feel free to contact us regarding our gift delivery service.