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US $50

If you would like to exchange letters with a person who does not speak English but only Ukrainian or Russian, consider using our "correspondence translation" service.

We charge US $10 per every 3000 characters of your letter. We suggest you use a word processing program (such as MS Word or iWork) to control how big your letter gets so that you know how much you will be charged.

If you wish to use our correspondence translation service, we request that you send us a US $50.00 deposit. Just prior to this deposit being depleted by translation charges, we will send you a notification so that you can replenish your payment reserve. Of course, if you wish to send a larger deposit because you expect to be writing frequently, this is fine, too.

  1. You deposit US $50 or more.
  2. You write in English what you want to be translated into Russian, and then send it to a provided email address.
  3. As soon as your letter is translated, we'll send it to your friend's email. You will need to tell us what that email is.
  4. When your friend responds, we'll translate their letter into English, and send it back to you.

Please contact us with any questions or to give feedback.