Dating Advice Alex he is a very helpful man. I was going to see a lady in Ukraine, so I had Alex do some background checks on the lady. It turned out to be a scam and she just wanted my money. 5.0 star review Stefen B. on
US $25

Are you dating a woman online through a Ukrainian marriage agency? Does the agency not allow you to exchange contact information so that you can communicate directly? Do you have doubts as to whether the woman and the agency are even real?

Lasting roughly one hour, our dating consultation involves a one-on-one call via Skype during which you can discuss the following and much more:

  • Your specific case.
  • How Ukrainian dating agencies work.
  • Any dating questions you have.

Before starting at Poltava Travel, Alex worked at different marriage agencies in the city. He knows how these agencies operate from the inside out. Alex has been a personal interpreter in Poltava on many occasions, and provided translation services for couples who have met through various dating agencies.

  1. You make the payment.
  2. You schedule the date and time when you would like to use our dating consultation service, and provide us with your Skype username.
  3. We meet on Skype at the scheduled time and the dating consultation begins.