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US $35

Hiring a Poltava city guide from Poltava Travel is an excellent way to learn more about our beautiful city of Poltava.

A guided tour around Poltava with our guide lasts roughly 3 hours and costs only US $35. During this time, you will be able to walk along the major streets of our city and see some of its most famous spots. After a guided tour around Poltava with our city guide, you will not only know more about the city, but will then feel more comfortable navigating it on your own.

Our sight-seeing tour includes visiting the Poltava battle museum, where you will learn about a major battle that took place in Poltava between the Russian and Swedish armies during The Great Northern war of 1709.

Learn about this and much more by hiring a city guide from Poltava Travel. We know you will enjoy it!

Contact us for a list of places you will visit during this guided tour around Poltava.