Car Drive From Kiev to Poltava Thank you for the excellent service your company provided on my recent trip to Poltava. Your friendly and efficient service was 1st class and I'd be happy for you to use this testimony for reference. 5.0 star review Graham H. on
US $165

Kiev (Kyiv) and Poltava are two Ukrainian cities separated by 350 kilometers (218 miles). When traveling within Ukraine from one city to the other, you can go by train, bus or car. Of these, the first two means of transportation are the cheapest. A train or a bus ticket will cost you approximately US $15. Therefore, if you are traveling on a budget, we recommend that you go by either train or bus.

However, buying a bus or a train ticket from Kiev to Poltava can be a hassle if you do not speak the local language. Your chances of finding a cashier who can speak English are close to zero. Finding your train and getting on the right car is sometimes difficult even for locals.

To avoid the hassle involved in getting from Kiev to Poltava by bus or train, we suggest that you use our car service from Kiev to Poltava. The cost of the car service is US $165.

  1. You make a payment.
  2. You provide us with the address in Kiev where you wish be picked up and a recent photograph of yourself so that we can easily recognize you.
  3. An English speaking staff member of Poltava Travel will meet you there. You will be told in advance what the staff member’s name is and be given their photograph and cell phone number.
  4. You will be driven to your place of lodging in Poltava.

Note: The Kiev to Poltava car service must be paid up front.

If your plane lands at Borispol International Airport and you wish us to meet you there and take you to Poltava by car, please see the Borispol airport car pick-up service.