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US $40

Buses for Poltava leave from the Kharkov bus station and not directly from the Kharkov airport. To get to the bus station in Kharkov you need to take a taxi from the airport, which will add to the total cost of your ride (approximately US $10). If you do not mind the extra commute to the bus station, Poltava Travel can help you with purchasing your bus ticket from Kharkov to Poltava in advance.

The buses that run from the Kharkov bus station to Poltava are modern, Western intercity buses with comfortable seats. For a small fee, you can enjoy snacks and beverages served on board. To keep entertained, movies (unfortunately, only in Ukrainian and Russian) are played en route to Poltava. A ride from the Kharkov bus station to Poltava takes 2.5 hours.

The bus arrives at the bus station in Poltava. From here you might need to take a taxi to get to your place of lodging in Poltava.

Check out our Kharkov airport car pick-up service if you would rather be met at Kharkiv airport (HRK) and taken to Poltava by car.

  1. You consult the Kharkov to Poltava bus schedule and let us know which bus you would like to buy a ticket for.
  2. We check the availability of a seat on the bus of your interest, and if available, we request that you make a full payment for this service.
  3. If there is an available seat and you've made the payment, we send you a printable ticket that you can use to board on the bus.

Note: The cost of this service does not include the cost of a taxi ride from the Kharkov airport to the Kharkov bus station. You will have to arrange this travel on your own.

ID #Route NameDeparts KharkovArrives to Poltava
1442 Kharkov - Kiev 12:45 am 04:20 am
0055 Kharkov - Kiev 07:20 am 09:45 pm
0477 Kharkov - Kiev 12:30 pm 02:40 pm
0201 Kharkov - Kiev 04:15 pm 06:25 pm
0653 Kharkov - Kiev 09:30 pm 11:40 pm
0513 Lugansk - Kiev 10:30 pm 12:40 am
0383 Kharkov - Kiev 11:30 pm 01:30 am

Important: When deciding which bus to book, please keep in mind that it might take up to 1 hour to go through passport control at the Kharkov airport. A taxi ride from the Kharkov airport to the local bus station can take roughly another 30 minutes.