Bus Tickets From Borispol to Poltava I would like to say a big thanks to Alex. A very efficient service and perfect timings and help throughout my stay in Ukraine. 5.0 star review Reuben V. on
US $50

The Borispol airport to Poltava bus transfer is yet another option to choose from if you want to make your way to Poltava. Riding a bus to Poltava has its cons, yet the inexpensive cost of a bus ticket and the level of comfort provided can’t be beat. Riding a bus gives you a chance to enjoy snacks and beverages served on board (for a small fee). The ride to Poltava generally takes 5.5 hours.

To find out if a bus leaves shortly after your arrival, please see our Borispol to Poltava bus schedule.

  1. You tell us which bus you would like to take to go to Poltava (please, consult with the bus schedule).
  2. We send you an email confirming the availability of a seat on the bus of your interest.
  3. You make a payment for our service.
  4. We send you an email with a printable ticket that you should use to get on the bus.

Please, contact us with any questions or to give feedback.

ID #Route NameDeparts BorispolArrives to Poltava
1441 Kiev - Kharkov 12:25 am 03:20 am
0202 Kiev - Kharkov 08:00 am 12:20 pm
0654 Kiev - Kharkov 11:40 am 04:10 pm
0384 Kiev - Kharkov 12:40 pm 05:15 pm
0056 Kiev - Kharkov 03:55 pm 08:20 pm
0514 Kiev - Lugansk 05:35 pm 10:05 pm
0478 Kiev - Kharkov 11:00 pm 03:25 pm

Important: When deciding which bus to book, keep in mind that it might take up to 1 hour to go through passport control at the Borispol airport.