An average monthly salary in Ukraine depends on where one lives and what one does for a living. An average monthly salary of a vendor of a bakery stand would be around 1400 UAH ($177). This is more than a minimum monthly salary. An office manager of a middle size company earns around the same amount of money. A nurse working in a hospital works for a minimum monthly salary of around 700 UAH ($89). Doctors get paid around 1000 UAH ($127) per month. Salaries may vary depending on the job experience. Almost everyone is trying to do some under table business just to cover their basic needs.

A Department of Environmental Protection and Expertise is a governmental organization. A friend of mine who works there earns close to 1200 UAH ($152) per month.

Salaries mentioned above are true for middle size cities such as Poltava. People working in large cities like Kiev get paid more. Needless to say, their cost of living might be way much higher. This is particularly true for Ukrainians who rent their accommodation. I will speak in more detail about this subject in the next article.