A Poltava marriage agency is no longer a novelty. There used to be few marriage agencies some 10 years ago, but now there are too many of them for a city as relatively small as Poltava. This does not surprise me because for a city of some 350,000 people, Poltava can be proud of its female inhabitants that are walking its streets.

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Either because there are more women than men in Poltava, or because our ladies prefer dating gentlemen from abroad (fine by me, I am a married man), the number of marriage agencies in Poltava has grown tremendously. An ad of a Poltava marriage agency can be seen just about on every other corner of a street, including buses and other means of public transportation. Poltava women have a great selection of marriage agencies to choose to join and many do. Logically, the majority of foreign visitors to Poltava are men coming to see their sweathearts.

Unfortunately, not every marriage agency in Poltava charges reasonably for their travel, accommodation and interpreter services, which results in men looking elsewhere for these service providers.

For example, while a Poltava marriage agency charges approximately US $15,00 - 20,00 per an hour of interpreter service, our Poltava translator of English service costs as little as US 7.00 per an hour (see the page for details).

Below is an overview of a few local Poltava marriage agencies (or international marriage agencies with offices in Poltava) and the cost of their travel and interpreter services.

Agency Name Borispol A/P - Poltava Kharkov A/P - Poltava 5 hours of interpreter

Note: prices in the above chart are in USD.

To get the cost of services for each Poltava marriage agency listed in the table we either had to visit their web site or (in cases when the cost of services was not publicly listed) send them an email requesting the information.

HotRussianBrides.com is another marriage agency with an office in Poltava. When contacted by email an agency's representative declined revealing the cost of their travel and interpeter services. According to their Terms of Use, a person would first need to become a qualified member (which involves buying at least 1,000 credits) and pay US $49.00 of a processing fee. This Poltava marriage agency clearly lacks transparency. What if a man wants to know if he can afford travelling to Ukraine before getting involved with one of Poltava girls?

LoveMe.com, aka A Foreign Affairs, as of this moment has not replied to our emails.

Please note: in no way do we favor one marriage agency over the other (nor do we claim that all these agencies work in an honest way).

It is easy to notice that we charge less than any Poltava marriage agency listed in the table above. And although the saying "you get what you pay for" is true in most circumstances, that is definitely not the case when it comes to services provided by our company. To read what our customers say about us, please visit our testimonials page.

We know that things may get tricky when you date someone over the distance (especially when that person is from a different country). If you think you could use a piece of advice on dating a girl from Poltava, then we invite you to check out our consultation on dating Ukrainian women service.