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There are many marriage agencies in Poltava, and Ukraine in general. Lots of beautiful women have created their dating profiles. Needless to say, there are heaps of single gentlemen from Western Europe and Americas who would not mind meeting someone nice and single from Ukraine. This article is to help single men get the most out of their romantic visits.

Enough foreword. Jump straight to step #1

Before I provide you with some tips on meeting women while you are in Ukraine, let us try to set the scene.

As a single man:

  • You plan to stay in Ukraine for around 7 days
  • You are come from far away: Western Europe or Americas
  • The trip will cost you quite a few bucks
  • You want to leave Ukraine knowing that you might have met the right girl, so you can continue communication via email, Skype or phone before you can afford (financially and timewise) your next visit to Ukraine

Marriage agencies:

  • Some of them may create fake profiles and not tell a girl about you before your actual visit to Ukraine
  • Some of them are out there just to get your money
  • All of them want you to continue writing a girl for as long of a time as possible

Single women:

  • Some of them sincerely want to meet a guy
  • The majority of them is not so keen to leave Ukraine. Quite a few people in the West believe that the only reason why Ukrainian women date foreigners is to leave Ukraine. Fortunately, that is not the way how things are. This might be a cliche that was created by Western media.
  • Some girls are out there just to get presents, eat out at fine restaurants or get a free photography session taken by a professional photographer (that otherwise would be somewhat costly to afford). In most circumstances, these are girls between 18 - 25 years old. People older than that might be better potential matches simply because they may subconsciously understand that the moment has come to settle down for something long-term.

If you are in Ukraine and would like to meet someone for a serious relationship, here is what I suggest that you do:


Ukraine map

Here everything is simple as it does not really matter which city you visit. There are beautiful women all over Ukraine. Think of activities you would enjoy doing while in our country: visiting historical sites, getting some tan on the seaside etc. There is a high likelihood that the girl(s) you'll be visiting might not be able to spend all of their time with you. Based on what you want, settle upon a city you want to go to.


Bing search

Select a couple of well-established marriage agencies that have offices in that city. When I say "well-established", I imply a marriage agency that has been in the dating business for a while now. You want to deal with an agency that:

  • Openly lists a telephone number you can call, preferably in one of the countries of the EU or America.
  • Publicly lists one of their physical addresses. Transparency is always a good sign. You will count on them with your credit card information, after all.
  • Allows you to meet women independently of the number of emails you have exchanged with them. The rationale why I mention this one is because I read that either Anastasia Web or Russian Brides wants you to purchase a certain number of credits before you can even meet a girl in person. This is a total rubbish. They take you for a cash cow. Unless you want to be "milked", I would never sign up with an agency like that. So, read about their trip policies before you hit the checkout button.
  • Has video calls (via Skype or any other software) as one of their services. You will want to have at least a 5-minute video call with a girl. This should allow you to ensure that a girl actually knows that she has a profile on this agency's site and that she is aware of your existence (pretty sad, isn't it?).


dating profiles

From each agency choose up to 3 girls that you would like to meet. I suggest meeting more than one of them because you don't really know how things are going to work out for you on your visit to Ukraine. Yeah, you may say: "I don't think it is ethical to meet more than one lady in one visit" and you will be right to say that. From the moral point of view, it does not seem right. You are not choosing a pair of shoes. And yes, a girl with serious intentions may not like the fact that you are planning to meet more than one potential match. On the flip side, girls should understand that you are venturing a lot. If a girl does not get it, send her an email genuinely explaining her your situation. Mention that:

  • You are going to spend a large amount of money (flight, accommodation, eating out every day etc.).
  • You are going to spend lots of time (at least a week out of your normal routine).
  • Internet dating is notorious for a great number of scammers, and you don't know if you are talking to a real person until you actually meet them in real life. If you decide to meet just one girl and she turns out to be a fake ("oh, I have some relative who is sick and lives in blah blah city, so I cannot meet you while you are in Ukraine" - an email sent by some dude right before you are to board your plane to Ukraine), then you have travelled all this way for nothing. Sure you will see some of the countryside, but is that really what you have come all the way for?

Below, are a couple of things to ponder when "picking" a girl:

    Man thinking
  • Consider the age difference. Many agencies write on their web sites that age does not matter. From my point of view that is a complete lie. Age does matter, and it matters big time. If you are in a search for a serious relationship, I strongly recommend that you do not even bother writing to a girl who is more than 15 years younger than you. Yes, she is pretty. Yes, she writes that she cares for you and that the age difference is not an issue. I put "she" in double quotes solely because there is no way for you to know if emails you are getting are actually written by the girl. They might as easily be written by some chap. So, get real. Pick the girl of the right age, unless your real intention is just to have some fun going out with women who look like a Barbie doll. In that case, the age is really not a problem. But do you really need to travel thousand miles for that? Are there no beautiful girls who want to party in your own country? I bet there are!
  • Think of her level of English. There is a problem. Oftentimes marriage agencies write that a girl's level of English is superior than it really is. I got no idea why they do it because sooner or later the truth will be known. You want to meet someone who speaks at least some English. Otherwise, you run into a problem of not being able to understand each other. I don't see how a relationship may mature if two people are not able to communicate on the most basic of levels. Contact the agency and request that they double check that the girl's level of English indeed is as good as it is stated in her profile. Again, do this in writing.
  • Think what you are worth. Women, just like men, have an eye to please. The later casts light upon the desire to meet someone more or less good looking. Ask one of your buddies if they believe you might be out of her league. If that turns out to be the case, consider meeting someone more earthly.


Man typing

Send a couple of emails to each girl. In the first email, introduce yourself and suggest that you have a 5 to 10-minute video call (let's be frank, there is not much to talk about when you don't know a person ..... unless there is a real spark between the two). Follow up that call with your second email. In it, tell her when you are planning to be in her city and ask if she is interested in meeting you and if so, when?

I do not advise that you write too many emails to a girl for reasons mentioned above. All this might be an absolute scam, and someone is just sucking money out of your pockets. So, the less money you spend before you meet a girl in person, the better.


If a girl agrees to meet you, contact the agency's representative (better via email, so you have their response in writing) and let them know the dates and IDs of the girls you would like to meet and when. Normally, you will need to pay an introduction fee (nothing comes free when it comes to marriage agencies). For that fee, the agency will organize you a meeting.


A couple dating

During the meeting, just be yourself and act the same way you would normally act meeting a girl in your own country. A couple of red flags to watch out for (should be pretty logical, but you don't see things the same way you do when you are infatuated):

  • A girl wants you to buy her something costly (and you barely spent a couple of days with her). Walk away.
  • A girl wants you to help her with money so she can pay for a surgery of one of her close relatives.This is not a good sign either. Does it sound stupid to you? Trust me, situation like that happen more often than you think.
  • A girl meets you only for a few hours during your visit. Not a good sign.
  • A girl meets you each day for as little as half an hour. It is also not a good sign.

Well, you got the point. That is pretty silly of me to list all these "red flags". Any reasonable human being is able to assess a situation.

Do you speak English?

Do you remember I touched on the importance of meeting a girl who would speak at least some English? Below is a couple of reasons:

  • Each hour of personal interpreter will cost you around US $15. Multiply that number by 5 hours per day - you do the math.
  • Imagine a situation where you have been writing to a girl for a long time. You hope it was her who was replying to your letters. But imagine it was someone else. Suppose the emails were written by a marriage agency's translator who is now interpreting your conversation with the girl. You ask what your girl's favorite dish is (you might have asked her this question in one of your emails and now you are just trying to see if the answer she gives matches the one she gave you in the email). There is a chance the girl does not know what you are referring to (it is possible that she never read any of your letters .... for whichever reason). Instead of interpreting what you just said, the interpreter asks the girl a totally different question. The girl responds to her question (she does not speak English, and therefore, has no clue what your real question was) and the interpreter finds her way out by responding your question with the answer you expect to hear. It is more than likely that she knows all the answers since she was the one writing you back, and not the girl. Basically, you may end up leaving the meeting thinking that all went well and the emails had been written by the girl, when in reality they had not. That is why it is so damn critical to be able to communicate with a girl directly, without a 3rd wheel, so to speak.


Couple on a date

If you liked one of the girls and believe that the attraction is mutual, make sure that you obtain her number (otherwise you will end up talking to her through the agency and they will continue ripping you off for their services).

I trust someone finds this article valuable. Good luck meeting all the girls!