I thought I would provide a list of phone numbers of some of the foreign embassies which are located here, in Ukraine. I recommend that everyone who travels to a foreign country keeps a telephone number of their country's nearest embassy at hand, and Ukraine is not the most democratic country of all, so it should not be an exception to the rule when you are coming here.

The main reason for writing this article was an incident that happened a month ago. Two of my clients at Poltava Travel were stopped by two police officers (on different occasions) at Kharkov Intl. Airport and asked for money. They said they would not let them board their planes until they pay some money. They claimed their visas were no good. One thing to note is that one of my clients was from the UK and another one from the US. No visa is required for anyone from those countries, so the police officers' claim that there was something wrong with their visas was a total nonsense.

So, what do you do if anything happens to you in a foreign country? You should immediately contact your embassy. And what do you need for that? You need to have your embassy's telephone number. And since there are lots of foreign embassies in Ukraine, I will be listing telephone numbers of only those countries from where most of my clients come. If your country is not on the list, it simply means that so far I have not had a single client from your country and you have a chance to be the first one!

A few things to note are:

  • not all countries below have their embassies in Ukraine. In those cases, phone numbers of embassies responsible for Ukraine are given.
  • countries are listed in an alphabetical order
+38 044 246 4223. In Austria: +43 (0) 1 506 740. In Moscow: +7 (495) 956 6070
+38 044 2895759 or these two: +38 062 381 08 72 and +38 062 381 76 50
+38 044 590 3100
+38 044 200 1260
+38 044 247 68 00
+38 044 590 0470
+38 044 494 4270
+38 044 490 3660
+38 044 490 4000

Decrypting the phone numbers:

  • "+38" is the country code for Ukraine. If you are calling from inside of Ukraine, always omit the country code.
  • "044" is city code for Kiev. If you are calling from a land line phone in Kiev to an embassy (or anyone else) in Kiev, always omit "+ 38 044".
  • "062" is the city code for Donetsk, a city in the Eastern part of Ukraine.

Other than keeping your embassy's phone number handy, I also recommend that you get a Ukrainian SIM card to use with your mobile phone when you are in Ukraine. That way you can make calls in Ukraine whenever you need to, plus it is cheap.

Hopefully you find this information useful. Have a question? Do let me know by emailing me at