People making an average monthly salary don't go out that much. One has got to deny himself quite a few things that life has to offer.

Below is a list of activities and how much they cost in Poltava, Ukraine:

2 cinema tickets 60UAH ($8)
1 pizza and 2 beers at a pizza place 45UAH ($6)
Bowling for 1 hour 101UAH ($13)
Restaurant dinner: (salmon, mashed potatoes, "Greek" salad, 4 beers, a glass of juice and a dessert) 150 UAH ($19)
Ice skating for 1 hour 20 UAH ($3)
2 glasses of beer and 1 portion of pistachios 24 UAH ($3)

Does not sound too scary if you come from the US or European Union does it? Yes, most of our guests are quite happy to spend their holidays here because the rate of exchange between USD/Euro and UAH is pretty good. So, that might be a good reason to visit!

There are many other things to do and places to go out when you are in Poltava, Ukraine. Mentioned above are just some that I tend to do when I fancy breaking my daily routine.

I hope now your question on "What is the cost of living in Ukraine" is answered. If you have any questions on this subject, please go ahead and send us your thoughts!