Traveling to Poltava? If that is the case, then you might be asking yourself one or more of these questions:

Is there Poltava airport? If there is no airport, what are the nearest cities that have one? Is it better to fly to Borispol airport in Kiev, or to Kharkov international airport? Is it possible to take a bus from Borispol airport to Poltava? Say I am flying to Kharkov, can I ride a bus from Kharkov airport to Poltava? Would not that be easier for me to use Borispol or Kharkov airport car pick up services? Oh dear, my accommodation is not even booked yet! Do I book a hotel in Poltava, or should I rather rent Poltava apartment? How do I make sure that it is a good one and costs reasonably?

Things become even worse and complicated if one does not speak the country's language, which is Ukrainian. Many Ukrainians speak Russian as their second language. Very few people speak English. Even if you come to a reception desk at a hotel, there is a big chance that a front desk clerk will not be able to understand you.

There are two options you can choose from when you plan your visit to Poltava. You can either do it on your own or play it safe and seek for assistance of an experienced travel service. Poltava Travel is such a service!


Playing it safe when it comes to international travel is always the best of the options. So here are a few things that Poltava Travel can assist you with:

  • We can meet you at an international airport and travel with you back to Poltava either by bus or by car.
  • We can find a hotel or an apartment for rent in Poltava that would best suit your needs as well as the size of your pocket book.
  • We can provide a friendly and professional translator to help you communicate effectively with your Ukrainian encounters.
  • We can organize a guided tour around Poltava and its most famous spots.

To learn of these and other services that we have at Poltava Travel, please refer to the side bar menu on the right.

Traveling to Poltava and need lots of questions answered? Please contact Poltava Travel!